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Popular Monasteries
Drepung Monastery:
Situated 5 kms' distance to the western suburb of Lhasa at the foot of Mt. Ganpoi Uze. Drepung Monastery was founded in 1416 by Jamyang Choje, a disciple Tsongkapa, the founder of Gelugpa Sect. The Monastery , occupying an area of 250,000 sq. m. with a fixed number of 7,700 monks, is the largest monastery in Tibet. The monastery keeps plentiful historical relics. Buddhist scriptures, arts and crafts.

The Sera monastery:
The Sera Monastery is one of the great monasteries. Like a garden of religious activity, it drew students from the far corners of Tibet. Founded in 1419 by Sakya Yeshe, Sera are one of the best-preserved monasteries in the country. Its principle buildings were miraculously spared during the Cultural Revolution and a few hundred monks live there today. The monastery will excite your spiritual soul with many colorful paintings of Gods and Goddesses. You will enjoy the unexpected architecture as you have an opportunity to learn about the history of Tibetan Buddhism. You may be lucky enough to witness the monks debating in the courtyard grounds.

Sakya Monastery :
Located in Sakya County, the monastery stood in two parts on either side of Dongchu River. This monastery is the center of the Sakyapa Sect (White Earth Order). The northern part of the monastery was built in the year 1079 and the southern part founded in 1268 by a famous abbot of Sakya named Pagpa who once had ruled the whole of Tibet under the Yuan Dynasty's supervision. The monastery has great influence over the Tibetan history and cultural development. The State Council of PRC has classified it the national level protected monument. Owing to its valuable and voluminous amount of Buddhist sutras and cultural remains, the monastery is often considered as the "Tunhuang the second".
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